People I enjoy cooperating with – Angel Falls

People I enjoy cooperating with – Angel Falls


Angel Falls

The opening as ️angel falls was an idea~~ inspiration~~
For me one day I had a true spiritual awakening.
The many angels that have helped me through life since as long as I can remember,
my true compassion to life brought me to start in nursing after starting a family.



Angel Love

After 30 years in nursing and various ~nudges~along the way via my guides.  I started as a reiki practitioner which opened up all new avenues for me and a different path entirely.
Now this ensues bringing me a much deeper satisfaction to the meaning of life, a much deeper compassion for all .. be~ ings .. My family are my rock .. This past year I have taken a year out to focus on ME ~~ and the wonderful energies available to us all.


In my spare time I love to meditate and just BE ,,, in my own healing room at home here . As well as my husband STEVE who is my biggest rock in life ….
I have 2 wonderful sons and I am very proud, of who have both experienced miracles in their lives.
And a wonderful daughter who is the most compassionate person I know and puts me to shame sometimes .. Another wonderful earth angel .. Be~ ing, in touch with source is a wonderful thing.
Although to me, over the years I have learnt, the source comes to me when needed to get a message through ,, I don,t go to them, ..


I live a normal life as normal as anyone else.
I am no special as anyone else on earth .. We are all linked as one and are super loved by all creation..
All here because we chose at this time ..may we all live ~ learn and return ~~ and link as ((one ))


Angel Falls



This is a big Heart felt thank you Angel falls.
For being apart of the Rainbow family.
All your hard work hasn’t gone un-noticed, very much appreciated.



anigif rainbow family


Words from the Angel about Annabellerockz angel art

  The soul is your very essence of being.
Keep it bright!
You ARE a brilliant light, A SOUL OF great divine design.
Never forget your BRILLIANCE!!

Rainbow Angel made by Annabellerockz

Look at all of life as a miracle……
for it is
………your friends and your family………
……. YOU…….
It’s all your creative projects and ideas.
As you see everything around you as being a miracle.
The Universe will bring you more miracles!

Blue Angel- Art by Annabellerockz


Love & Joy from Angel Falls

& Annabellerockz

Living my dream

“I have a dream”



My dream is to be able to create visual Art,

bringing me a future to make a living from my work.

I am a flooded with ideas and I can sparkle in cooperation with others,
Translating there visions into art.

I am sure there are many possibilities not yet discovered by mankind.
I know what people say, that its the process of getting there, that is the dream.

I feel I am So lucky to be blessed with this goal.

So many years collecting all the sand-cones of life’s experiences,
that I had to look so deep inside my soul for.

Then one day I found an endless source of treasures
to pick up on and share with the world.




Ì am here on earth,

but I feel so close to a place unknown,

where I find my sources,

I have woke up so many times so shaken and  scared of not being me,

I had to phone someone to get back again to my human self.

Could even happened on a waken day,

but it strike me less after I allowed myself to hunt my dream.



living my dream 3



Sitting here on the edge of my cliff

it feels so natural and comfortable,

The inner feeling tells me, my cliff is safe,

even all common-sense says I should watch out.




Everything seems to be in perfect order,

I have control,

even I  have knowledge that I am not perfect,

but trust in myself is a great gift to achieve

there can be earthquakes inside,

its up to me how to use that source of energy


deciding to make all my creative my lamps glow.


Living my dream

I am a social being and use my inner child to reflect from in my art work,

this has always been my way to communicate,

to others and the world,

it comes from deep within my heart and soul,

expression is my world.


The laws of my world,

allow me to take on the challenge of being on a cliff

looking out into the vastness,

an abyss of possibilities awaites me.


living my dream  5



  As images unfold my job is to take these glimpses of imagination and make them into visual art,

this is my achievement, the glow and excitement I get through this process of making new threads,

delights me throughout.


Tingles run right through my whole being,

giving me a sense of wonder and purpose.


To share with the world, apart of my spirit is my inspiration to create.

A vacation time is for me to disappear inside my mind and return in celebration of my findings from within.






warm regards  Annabellerockz

world inspiration -Prem D’sani-india

Awesome poems from a dear friend of mine 


Prem D’sani



From India



Travel in celecratin -Fractalart -Annabellerockz

It’s not

beauty of my face..

That everyone falls for..

It’s the colors..

They see in the smiles

on my face..

Spreading my joys..

Across every landscape..


Prem D’sani


Fracal owl – Annabellerockz

My heart pounds..

as it prepares to lead me..

through a field, I see far off..

A lantern lit on a stone, casting..

Warm, romantic and aromatic glow..

Take me..

Where you want me to..

I’ve faith in you, and..

I know, you won’t take me..

to places where I don’t want to..

I believe in you, and..

I have not put any reins over you..


Take me..

Where you want me to..

You are my love, and..

Love is not meant to be on leash..

Take me where you wish me to take..

May be some place, where we can celebrate..


Prem D’sani

How to make a rose last forever


I admire my pink roses in the vase.

 I was thinking how sad! You do not live forever.

Then I took one and placed it behind my ear,

making a sacrifice, because I wanted it to blossom for you all

to watch here on the web

and then capture a smile too you forever.


rose-annabellerockz .round

Much love Annabelle


rose-annabellerockz-1 - Kopi
Annabellerock Breaking through the glass with her Rose



  “Some people grumble that roses have thorns;

I am grateful that thorns have roses.”

Alphonse Karr, A Tour Round My Garden

Photo by Annabellerockz



“Feeling at peace, however fragilely,

made it easy to slip into the visionary end of the dark-sight.

The rose shadows said that they loved the sun,

but that they also loved the dark,

where their roots grew through the lightless mystery of the earth.

The roses said: You do not have to choose.

Robin McKinley, Sunshine

roses -miiror-effect Annabellerockz

“They are not long, the days of wine and roses. Out of a misty dream,

our path emerges for a while, then closes, within a dream.”

Ernest Dowson, The Poems and Prose of Ernest Dowson



Mixed media art by Annabellerockz

Red roses are so bright, deep colors in your sight.

Yellow roses are the color of the sun and lavender roses are so special I find them so much fun.

Orange roses are captivating So many shades of them.

White roses twinkle in your eyes, bringing out your smiles.

Pink roses, are so sweet they sweep you off your feet, smelling so gorgeous oh what a treat.


A few Words by Annabellerockz

The past is whispering  gently in my ear,

telling how many feelings i ate in my days,

overcomeness  is the salery of these,

My wallet is no filled,

readyto shop  my new days .

The forgotton -annabellerockz

Unknown faces we havent met
past experiences makes  us delaying to see,
what is really there,

stright  in front of me ?




Here some new fractal Art & mixed media

I am really shy  about this but
tried to add some words  inspired  from these  Pieces from my Art 

Much love  Annabelle