Norwegian Visual artist


I go by my artist name “Annabellerockz”  I am a Visual Artist, Web-Developer, Designer & Video producer from Norway.
I have developed most of my skills, from using adobe programs and other photo editing software (”learning by doing”) I am very happy I have learned to make Fractals and use it in some of my Art  ( I can also do pattern design, like for fabrics, furnitures, tapestry, the list is very long in my abilities )

Mostly I have been inspired through my dreams, and inner intuition to create various pieces of work, in relation to my inspiration at the time.  I have been creating art, from an early age, but like most, I had some years working hard to build a carrier.
But then this need to create was fighting in me and won, because I feel it is where my true spirit is, so I can share my art and inspirations to all.  My art work has evolved over time, through the process of trial and error.  I have spent many years developing my skills.


I do not tell or comment too much about my work, because I want the viewer to have the ultimate experience, through visual entertainment.


I go by my motto “Creativity is to make the impossible possible”.


I am very happy to challenge myself and be able to learn more knowledge, in every task I encounter. I am very well known amongst my friends as being very creative and a great motivator of people. I am a very interactive and social as a person. I been working with musicians combined with my art in videos. I am a team player and love to cooperate with others in different project. For people whom are interested in my Art and services feel free to contact me.


I love this Universe and like to make people feel these wonders and find some peace at heart.


Thank you very much

Warm regards Annabelle


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