Explaining my Art

I so often have been asked? Why I do not explain my work and attach a story about my Art pieces.

Honestly! I so wish I did not have to tag and name them either.

They say a picture says more than a 1000 words, in my opinion pictures are another way
to communicate and they should earn the respect to talk to you by them selves.

As individuals we see and experience different things in different ways.
So I want the viewer to have the ultimate experience.

Sometimes pictures added to text will grow the experience of a story,
not the other way around.

I would love to hear your opinion of this matter.

Love Annabelle.

One thought on “Explaining my Art

  • September 4, 2014 at 4:10 pm

    That’s so true Annabelle’s xx
    Your work has a voice all of its own, Like you say we all experience things different ways. I don’t believe for one moment that your work needs explaining. I totally agree with you too, that it’s up to the person viewing, to make there own mind up on what they are seeing.
    Why not just allow peoples own imagination to work for them for a change, instead of them being told what to do or think all the time..
    Just a picture on its own can speak volumes, if text needs to be added, then a name for that piece should be sufficient. We are all creative imaginative beings after all, curious and inquisitive, let your own feeling do the work, like the artists feelings do the expression.


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