Pattern design in pink

Pink for Boys & Girls


Pink has always been a color for us girls,
but today many, many boys also love this
fabulous color.
Pink breaks up the monde. Brings a
reflection of beauty to ones life.

Fractal pattern in pink
Fractal pattern in pink



The new way of living.
As you can see! “Pink is beauty”
Such a relaxing color, to come home to
After a hard days work.
Relax in style & comfort and feel beautiful
in your own home.


fractal room-annabellerockz


The new way of driving.
Impress the woman in your life
you guys, This will surly melt your girls
heart. There is a flash car & now an even
flash color.  Make your lady proud.

porche fractal-annabellerockz
Fractal Porche by Annabellerockz



The blonds do still have fun.
Everyone wants that individual look.
Go out in style, be who you are, dazzle
the world, you deserve to be your best.

fractal dress-marilyn monroe style-annabellerockz
Marilyn dressed in fractal by Annabellerockz



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