world inspiration -Prem D’sani-india

Awesome poems from a dear friend of mine 


Prem D’sani



From India



Travel in celecratin -Fractalart -Annabellerockz

It’s not

beauty of my face..

That everyone falls for..

It’s the colors..

They see in the smiles

on my face..

Spreading my joys..

Across every landscape..


Prem D’sani


Fracal owl – Annabellerockz

My heart pounds..

as it prepares to lead me..

through a field, I see far off..

A lantern lit on a stone, casting..

Warm, romantic and aromatic glow..

Take me..

Where you want me to..

I’ve faith in you, and..

I know, you won’t take me..

to places where I don’t want to..

I believe in you, and..

I have not put any reins over you..


Take me..

Where you want me to..

You are my love, and..

Love is not meant to be on leash..

Take me where you wish me to take..

May be some place, where we can celebrate..


Prem D’sani

World inspiration – Kerry Addison

Words by Kerry Addison



From Australia


The looking Glass
The looking Glass, by Annabellerockz

On hearing a noise outside
I slowly walked towards the window
My Heart beating fast. butterflies swirling in my Stomach
I Looked out and there was an Alien from Outer Space.
I felt uneasy, wondering what it wanted and what it was doing here.
Was it going to be Friendly or Cause Harm.

World inspiration-Maribel Del Valle

Words by Maribel Del Valle:

From New Jersey

Blissful Dancing
Blissful Dancing by Annabellerockz

Very fashionable/fashionista.

Filled with love n beauty in a World where there’s a big Bubble wrapped around this Beautiful Soul.

Or it can be A Beautiful Goddess (Annabelle) in a room filled with bubbles n she’s feeling beautiful
as she already is n she’s imagining
the bubbles to be stars all around her which is Love n blessings always around her
as she shines in her glamorous moment, evening wear.

Very joyful n filled with a Diva Status.
(Which means she’s a legendary woman that always will be remembered for ever, for who she is n always was n will be)

World Inspiration-Jackie Tran

Words from Jackie Tran,
from California:

In the beginning
In the beginning by Annabellerockz



There’s a sense of duality and conflictive emotions I feel in this picture.
The figure on the left reminds me of Medusa

and the figure in the middle is like someone who’s has a Christ-like innocense about her.
There’s some feelings of animosity and jealousy coming from the “Medusa” figure,

which also pervades the whole backdrop.