world inspiration -Prem D’sani-india

Awesome poems from a dear friend of mine  *** Prem D’sani   ***   From India     It’s not beauty of my face.. That everyone falls for.. It’s the colors.. They see in the smiles on my face.. Spreading my joys.. Across every landscape.. *** Prem D’sani =============================== My heart pounds.. as it prepares to

World inspiration – Kerry Addison

Words by Kerry Addison ***   From Australia   On hearing a noise outside I slowly walked towards the window My Heart beating fast. butterflies swirling in my Stomach I Looked out and there was an Alien from Outer Space. I felt uneasy, wondering what it wanted and what it was doing here. Was it

World inspiration-Maribel Del Valle

Words by Maribel Del Valle: From New Jersey Very fashionable/fashionista. Filled with love n beauty in a World where there’s a big Bubble wrapped around this Beautiful Soul. Or it can be A Beautiful Goddess (Annabelle) in a room filled with bubbles n she’s feeling beautiful as she already is n she’s imagining the bubbles

World Inspiration-Jackie Tran

Words from Jackie Tran, from California:     There’s a sense of duality and conflictive emotions I feel in this picture. The figure on the left reminds me of Medusa and the figure in the middle is like someone who’s has a Christ-like innocense about her. There’s some feelings of animosity and jealousy coming from

World inspiration- Dolphins

Words about my Art from Louise Richard Oudshoorn from the Netherlands     What I see is the Vortex in the multidimensional universe. The quantum hologram give us a framework to understand the all which through mysterious phenomena as healing and miracles. Dolphins Angelic power and cosmic consciousness.  Shanti OM Namaste

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