World inspiration- Dolphins

Words about my Art

Louise Richard Oudshoorn from the Netherlands


Dophins on a visit – Fractal- Mixed media by Annabellerockz


What I see is the Vortex in the multidimensional universe.

The quantum hologram give us a framework to understand the

all which through mysterious phenomena as healing and miracles.

Dolphins Angelic power and cosmic consciousness.

 Shanti OM Namaste

World inspiration

 Welcome to world Inspiration

This section is dedicated to all those who are inspired by my art work.
It gives me great pleasure to post your quotes and aspirations.
Many thanks to the people of the world xxx Annabelle xxx.

Dreams of the world
Dreams of the world by Annabellerockz.

Quote from Laura Eftink from Holland :

I see, the people who are gone or past away around the World in the Moon above the holy triangle.
Father Son and Holy Spirit.  For the world after this life in Light…☆★☆.

Quote from Gina gee a princess from Ireland:

I see a Lion and a cherub, the all seeing eye which what looks like a pic of Annabelle inside.
A stargate, a portal to another dimension, I sense some kind of magic, Good vibes, a high vibrational energy.