People of the light

People of the light People of the light who shine so bright, with gifts of gold and a story to be told, *     * cross the threshold into the light with smiles of delight, the people of might. *   Together we stand like an orchestras band, with songs of love like angels

Globally peace

 Globally peace   I dream of a world peace I dream of a world of peace, where people can live a life of  ease. World where there is no difference between rich and poor, life being pleasant for living ever more. * I dream of a world in happiness, where there is no sight of

Annabellerockz- art prints & fashion design.

Fractal patterns in earth colors Welcome to my Fractal Art print fashion page. Here I would like to share with you, some of my creative designs. Fashion moves very fast these days and art prints on all your house hold items is the in thing. Let me take you through a world of the modern

Pattern design in pink

Pink for Boys & Girls   Pink has always been a color for us girls, but today many, many boys also love this fabulous color. Pink breaks up the monde. Brings a reflection of beauty to ones life.     The new way of living. As you can see! “Pink is beauty” Such a relaxing

Pattern of fractal – showing how it can be used in design

  Welcome to Annabellerockz fabric design. I am happy to announce to all you designers out there, whom work with fabric & furnishings. fashion and glamour. Annabellerockz,  Artist and Designer, has opened a new range of designs to suit all occasions, from dressing up, to comforting your home. Form fabrics, to pillowcases, dresses to merchandise.

Fractal Art in Aqua color

 Aqua Fractals Psychic wheel of pureness.             Open your mind to new possibilities, an endless drive of imagination.         Spiritual protection, you are beautiful, inside and out.           Empowerment and enhancement, healing the world through telepathy, clairvoyance and psychic healing.  May peace rein

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