People of the light

People of the light People of the light who shine so bright, with gifts of gold and a story to be told, *     * cross the threshold into the light with smiles of delight, the people of might. *   Together we stand like an orchestras band, with songs of love like angels

Globally peace

 Globally peace   I dream of a world peace I dream of a world of peace, where people can live a life of  ease. World where there is no difference between rich and poor, life being pleasant for living ever more. * I dream of a world in happiness, where there is no sight of

Cat Charline on a visit

My beloved Charline, a unique Cornish rex cat.   So happy to babysit my darling cat Charline, for a week. Having lots of fun, taking lots of photos of her.  She so love to pose. Here are some pictures showing her as a model for photo art and creations. Enjoy Annnabelle & Charline A real

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