People of the light

People of the light

People of the light

People of the light who shine so bright,

with gifts of gold and a story to be told,




golden globe - annabellerockz_edited-1



cross the threshold into the light with smiles of delight, the people of might.





Together we stand like an orchestras band, with songs of love like angels from above.

We walk in style with no denial,


Light people by Annabellerockz



we are chosen to shine with a love so divine.

Poem By Author Glory Battle

These art works are inspired  from this awesome poem by  the author Glory Battle 

Much Love Annabelle

Living my dream

“I have a dream”



My dream is to be able to create visual Art,

bringing me a future to make a living from my work.

I am a flooded with ideas and I can sparkle in cooperation with others,
Translating there visions into art.

I am sure there are many possibilities not yet discovered by mankind.
I know what people say, that its the process of getting there, that is the dream.

I feel I am So lucky to be blessed with this goal.

So many years collecting all the sand-cones of life’s experiences,
that I had to look so deep inside my soul for.

Then one day I found an endless source of treasures
to pick up on and share with the world.




Ì am here on earth,

but I feel so close to a place unknown,

where I find my sources,

I have woke up so many times so shaken and  scared of not being me,

I had to phone someone to get back again to my human self.

Could even happened on a waken day,

but it strike me less after I allowed myself to hunt my dream.



living my dream 3



Sitting here on the edge of my cliff

it feels so natural and comfortable,

The inner feeling tells me, my cliff is safe,

even all common-sense says I should watch out.




Everything seems to be in perfect order,

I have control,

even I  have knowledge that I am not perfect,

but trust in myself is a great gift to achieve

there can be earthquakes inside,

its up to me how to use that source of energy


deciding to make all my creative my lamps glow.


Living my dream

I am a social being and use my inner child to reflect from in my art work,

this has always been my way to communicate,

to others and the world,

it comes from deep within my heart and soul,

expression is my world.


The laws of my world,

allow me to take on the challenge of being on a cliff

looking out into the vastness,

an abyss of possibilities awaites me.


living my dream  5



  As images unfold my job is to take these glimpses of imagination and make them into visual art,

this is my achievement, the glow and excitement I get through this process of making new threads,

delights me throughout.


Tingles run right through my whole being,

giving me a sense of wonder and purpose.


To share with the world, apart of my spirit is my inspiration to create.

A vacation time is for me to disappear inside my mind and return in celebration of my findings from within.






warm regards  Annabellerockz




Paperdoll by Annabellerockz.


The process of a digital art project. Paper Doll.
As an artist I get my inspiration from all kinds of sources.
I sometimes just work from spontaneous ideas, this is where images occur to me out of the blue,
or something I have being thinking about for quite some time.
The artist in me gets stirred from deep within and I act on these impulses.
In this case from paper to art.

First I draw and cut out of paper my idea of the paper doll.  Then I took a photo of my creation.
Made a photoshop brush to paint it into my art and creations .

Then tried out several ideas  .

I tried different styles to my design to accommodate the best results.
Once I am happy with the final result, I add my creation to my gallery album.


Paper doll Leana ( Sophisticated ) by Annabellerockz.

This is my finished product I made from paper,
following my original idea to create.
Now lets see where being an artist can take you.

Paper doll leana ( Greetings ) by Annabellerockz.

The sands of time.

Mixed media style.
This is where I use other images and backgrounds,
to create different effects.
Bringing different thoughts to the eye of the viewer.

Paper doll Leana. ( Sands of time ) by Annabellerockz.


Poster style.
By adding variations in color and
adding some special effects, this can really bring
art to life. creating moods and atmospheres.

Paper doll Leana ( Twins ) by Annabellerockz.


3D  Style.
This really shows how exstrodenary art
can be, any theme can be applied, there
is no limit to possibilities.
Go with the flow of how you feel.

Paper doll Leana ( Photogenic ) by Annabellerockz.


Here we have another variation of
color and texture, the use of props like hats can
make all the difference.
Just a sample of what could be.
Art to suit different tastes and set different moods,
from bright and cheery to warm and relaxing.

Paper doll Leana ( Sunthine ) by Annabellerockz.

 Fractal pattern.

Again another sample of possibilities,
Creativity is endless. I go with what the mood at
the time takes me. That;s why I never have two
pieces of art the same, Variety is the spice of life.

Paper doll Leana ( Zig Zag ) by Annabellerockz.