People of the light

People of the light People of the light who shine so bright, with gifts of gold and a story to be told, *     * cross the threshold into the light with smiles of delight, the people of might. *   Together we stand like an orchestras band, with songs of love like angels

Globally peace

 Globally peace   I dream of a world peace I dream of a world of peace, where people can live a life of  ease. World where there is no difference between rich and poor, life being pleasant for living ever more. * I dream of a world in happiness, where there is no sight of

Christmas Angels

Christmas Angels Now let us sing the Angel’s song That rang so sweet and clear,       When heavenly light and music fell On earthly eye and ear.       Christmas products Can be brought to your home :         “Fractals combined with angels, to put you in the


A few Words by Annabellerockz The past is whispering  gently in my ear, telling how many feelings i ate in my days, overcomeness  is the salery of these, My wallet is no filled, readyto shop  my new days . Unknown faces we havent met past experiences makes  us delaying to see, what is really there, stright  in

World inspiration-Maribel Del Valle

Words by Maribel Del Valle: From New Jersey Very fashionable/fashionista. Filled with love n beauty in a World where there’s a big Bubble wrapped around this Beautiful Soul. Or it can be A Beautiful Goddess (Annabelle) in a room filled with bubbles n she’s feeling beautiful as she already is n she’s imagining the bubbles

World Inspiration-Jackie Tran

Words from Jackie Tran, from California:     There’s a sense of duality and conflictive emotions I feel in this picture. The figure on the left reminds me of Medusa and the figure in the middle is like someone who’s has a Christ-like innocense about her. There’s some feelings of animosity and jealousy coming from

Pattern design in pink

Pink for Boys & Girls   Pink has always been a color for us girls, but today many, many boys also love this fabulous color. Pink breaks up the monde. Brings a reflection of beauty to ones life.     The new way of living. As you can see! “Pink is beauty” Such a relaxing

Pattern of fractal – showing how it can be used in design

  Welcome to Annabellerockz fabric design. I am happy to announce to all you designers out there, whom work with fabric & furnishings. fashion and glamour. Annabellerockz,  Artist and Designer, has opened a new range of designs to suit all occasions, from dressing up, to comforting your home. Form fabrics, to pillowcases, dresses to merchandise.

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