Paperdoll by Annabellerockz.


The process of a digital art project. Paper Doll.
As an artist I get my inspiration from all kinds of sources.
I sometimes just work from spontaneous ideas, this is where images occur to me out of the blue,
or something I have being thinking about for quite some time.
The artist in me gets stirred from deep within and I act on these impulses.
In this case from paper to art.

First I draw and cut out of paper my idea of the paper doll.  Then I took a photo of my creation.
Made a photoshop brush to paint it into my art and creations .

Then tried out several ideas  .

I tried different styles to my design to accommodate the best results.
Once I am happy with the final result, I add my creation to my gallery album.


Paper doll Leana ( Sophisticated ) by Annabellerockz.

This is my finished product I made from paper,
following my original idea to create.
Now lets see where being an artist can take you.

Paper doll leana ( Greetings ) by Annabellerockz.

The sands of time.

Mixed media style.
This is where I use other images and backgrounds,
to create different effects.
Bringing different thoughts to the eye of the viewer.

Paper doll Leana. ( Sands of time ) by Annabellerockz.


Poster style.
By adding variations in color and
adding some special effects, this can really bring
art to life. creating moods and atmospheres.

Paper doll Leana ( Twins ) by Annabellerockz.


3D  Style.
This really shows how exstrodenary art
can be, any theme can be applied, there
is no limit to possibilities.
Go with the flow of how you feel.

Paper doll Leana ( Photogenic ) by Annabellerockz.


Here we have another variation of
color and texture, the use of props like hats can
make all the difference.
Just a sample of what could be.
Art to suit different tastes and set different moods,
from bright and cheery to warm and relaxing.

Paper doll Leana ( Sunthine ) by Annabellerockz.

 Fractal pattern.

Again another sample of possibilities,
Creativity is endless. I go with what the mood at
the time takes me. That;s why I never have two
pieces of art the same, Variety is the spice of life.

Paper doll Leana ( Zig Zag ) by Annabellerockz.