Fashion design of annabellerockz


I am so excited and happy, to

finally announce my clothing line

with fabrics of my own designs & patterns.


This is a dream come true.  I feel like a child on Christmas Eve

Enjoy !

Cheers Annabelle


Fashion style in yellow by Annabellerockz

Fashion style in yellow by Annabellerockz


Here is a collection in  of fractal pattern gold & blue

Some ideas that goes with my Designs in purple & pink patterns.

Designs from Annabellerockz

Annabellerockz ideas & design for 2015

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Here is my collection of fractal patterns in gold & blue.

Designs  from Annabellerockz

Clothing with geometric fractal pattern made by Annabellerockz
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Collection with colors in bronze.

Designs from  Annabellerockz

Annabellerockz design

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The secret places

The secret places

The secret places

We dance round in a ring and suppose,

But the Secret sits in the middle and knows.

~Robert Frost

Annabellerockz fractal-under sea

The inner city

Where are you now, where do you live?

What do you value, what can you give,

or take and learn, absorb you sieve!

Look out a window, any window at all,

watch in silence the rainfall,

close your eyes and listen to the call.

What do you hear?

Does it generate fear,

Darrell Wade Elverum

annaellerockz castle-casa-home


små s6



Spread the love

The biggest thing of all is love

spread the love-annabellerockz

salg-cup of love-annabellerockz




Treasure on the top

We soooo  desire to reach the top,

because we got an urge in us to find that treasure.

~ Annabellerockz

bricks-fracatal annabellerockz

Harmony in the city

So sharing and caring for us all to fit in,

yes like children in a sandbox

~ Annabellerockz

foregn city-annabellerockz


New way of  thinking

Change as we walk make us grow to meet our tasks .

~ Annabellerockz

new way of thinking -annabellerockz


Night life

We meet the night in circles,

to shower in blue.




Secrets behind

Let us discover.


outside the eyes-annabellerockz



Soul mates

Embrased with the ring of friendship,

blending our path with color of choice.




Order in the caos

Will it ever be perfect ?


somewhere else - annabellerockz

How to make a rose last forever


I admire my pink roses in the vase.

 I was thinking how sad! You do not live forever.

Then I took one and placed it behind my ear,

making a sacrifice, because I wanted it to blossom for you all

to watch here on the web

and then capture a smile too you forever.


rose-annabellerockz .round

Much love Annabelle


rose-annabellerockz-1 - Kopi
Annabellerock Breaking through the glass with her Rose



  “Some people grumble that roses have thorns;

I am grateful that thorns have roses.”

Alphonse Karr, A Tour Round My Garden

Photo by Annabellerockz



“Feeling at peace, however fragilely,

made it easy to slip into the visionary end of the dark-sight.

The rose shadows said that they loved the sun,

but that they also loved the dark,

where their roots grew through the lightless mystery of the earth.

The roses said: You do not have to choose.

Robin McKinley, Sunshine

roses -miiror-effect Annabellerockz

“They are not long, the days of wine and roses. Out of a misty dream,

our path emerges for a while, then closes, within a dream.”

Ernest Dowson, The Poems and Prose of Ernest Dowson



Mixed media art by Annabellerockz

Red roses are so bright, deep colors in your sight.

Yellow roses are the color of the sun and lavender roses are so special I find them so much fun.

Orange roses are captivating So many shades of them.

White roses twinkle in your eyes, bringing out your smiles.

Pink roses, are so sweet they sweep you off your feet, smelling so gorgeous oh what a treat.

Pattern design  in pink

Pattern design in pink

Pink for Boys & Girls


Pink has always been a color for us girls,
but today many, many boys also love this
fabulous color.
Pink breaks up the monde. Brings a
reflection of beauty to ones life.

Fractal pattern in pink
Fractal pattern in pink



The new way of living.
As you can see! “Pink is beauty”
Such a relaxing color, to come home to
After a hard days work.
Relax in style & comfort and feel beautiful
in your own home.


fractal room-annabellerockz


The new way of driving.
Impress the woman in your life
you guys, This will surly melt your girls
heart. There is a flash car & now an even
flash color.  Make your lady proud.

porche fractal-annabellerockz
Fractal Porche by Annabellerockz



The blonds do still have fun.
Everyone wants that individual look.
Go out in style, be who you are, dazzle
the world, you deserve to be your best.

fractal dress-marilyn monroe style-annabellerockz
Marilyn dressed in fractal by Annabellerockz



Pattern of fractal – showing how it can be used in design


Welcome to Annabellerockz fabric design.
I am happy to announce to all you designers out there, whom work with fabric & furnishings. fashion and glamour.
Annabellerockz,  Artist and Designer, has opened a new range of designs to suit all occasions, from dressing up, to comforting your home.
Form fabrics, to pillowcases, dresses to merchandise.
She have a wide range of designs ready made, or tailored made to meet yours and your customers requirements.
Please feel free to browse through some of Annabelle’s already created images & designs , just to show you what possibilities are available.  All personally designed by Annabelle her self.
Create in style your perfect outfit, for all occasions, have your customers, besotted in awe with your presentation of garments. with this amazing unique individual touch from Annabellerockz.


If you need a pattern for your designs I will be happy if you contact me.


The original Pattern


Eksempel 1

fractal design 1-annabellerockz-pattern


fractal pattern 2



fractal birds in rainbow
Fractal birds by Annabellerockz