Globally peace

Globally peace

 Globally peace


I dream of a world peace

I dream of a world of peace,
where people can live a life of  ease.
World where there is no difference between rich and poor,
life being pleasant for living ever more.
I dream of a world in happiness, where there is no sight of selfishness.
Where each and everyone can get their needs.
I dream of a world of  kindness,
where people van know that value of love is priceless.
where people could realize that of earth we are all children ,
and to have kind heart is better for all men.
I dream of a world of loving mates,
where people can realize all great.
Where people can know that in this earth,
with a kind heart people must give birth.
I dream of a world of peace ,
where people can live on ease

Riken Shretha (NEPAL



Globally peace
Globally Peace


Love Annabelle



I got inspired from the vibration of the colors that pearls gives us and I took this to a new level.

How is it?  to live surrounded by the vibration from Pearls.

What does? that energy feels like.


Pearl universe by Annabellerockz
Pearl universe



Mixed media by Annabellerockz
Pearl Diva



Sometimes I get spinning ideas in my mind and I act on them.
That’s what I so love about creativity, being there in the picture.

I would be ever so happy to hear from you.